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Welcome to The Peacock Group web site

The Peacock Group web site employs the Drupal Content Management Platform (CMP), allowing for easy collaborative publishing by members of the group.

Contact us if you are a member of the Peacock Group and you would wish to collaborate publishing further discourses.

About The Peacock Group

Peacock Group - Cairns, tropical north Queensland,  Australia The Peacock Group
Janet Taylor ph: +61 7 4056 2596
Chris Sullivan ph: +61 7 4056 5360
Gordonvale, Queensland, Australia

For some years, a group of people in Queensland, Australia, have met monthly in order to hear teaching discourses. These have come from Beings on other levels of existence to that of Earth.

About the peacock logo

The Peacock, the mascot of the Peacock Group

An explanation about the Peacock Group Logo will be available here shortly.

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