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Teaching discourses

The Peacock Group
The Peacock Group


For some years, a group of people in Queensland, Australia, have met monthly in order to hear teaching discourses. These have come from Beings on other levels of existence to that of Earth.

Through a medium, much revelatory and consciousness expanding information has been received.


The Teachers, or Guides, have given their approval and encouragement for the publishing of these discourses.

Here are some of the teachings….

For information about the monthly meetings, please phone +61 4 5875 9615.

Books published by the Peacock Group

Members of the Peacock Group are busily preparing E-versions of a series of books channelled by John Lawton and previously published by the Peacock Publications. A soft-cover edition of your favourite discourse may be available for mail order.

Click here to see a list of soft-cover books

More titles are expected to be added from time to time.


The Expansion of Consciousness

By Rani Lash

Greeting, beloved ones, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, greets you this night, that we may, within this group, find for ourselves that which is the heart, the very kernel of our being. And that we may release those qualities that lie latent and dormant within us, and thereby expand our true selves, and bring ourselves to a point of understanding where we may indeed go forth with a wider awareness of life, its purpose, and our purpose on earth.

The Evolution of Consciousness

By Lai Yung

Greetings, brothers, greetings. Lai Yung once more draws close, that in the peace of understanding we may unite. That we may find in this group tonight, and the synthesis with which it is surrounded, an augmentation of that inner light which will allow for expansion and will allow for growth.

Putting Theory into Practice

By Lai Yung

Greetings, beloved ones, greetings. Lai Yung, Master of Happiness, once more draws close, that we may commune a little while. How much wisdom we have heard today, how much wisdom. You have almost over-run your time, have you not? You have been so enthralled with your wisdom. But we have, indeed, as our instrument indicated, been speaking to you – not fully because we wanted to let you to talk and discuss, but putting in much that you can remember and talk about (if you can remember) that we were saying through our instrument.

The Millenium

By Rani Lash

Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, once more draws close, that we may utilise our power, with the power of the storm that you are experiencing. That you may find a little thunder and lightning, perhaps, manifesting within yourselves in order to give you that impetus, brothers, that impetus which will take you forward.

The Necessity of Change

By Rani Lash

Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, once more draws close, that in the peace of understanding, the unity of, shall we say, both conflict and harmony – a strange contradiction is it not, an apparent contradiction – never-the-less we will say, in the peace of conflict and harmony may we unite.

Man the Thinker

by Rani Lash

Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, once more comes to speak to you, that we may, indeed, consolidate and expediate a little perhaps that which you have been saying. We have not been with you, as you are aware, most of you, for a considerable period of time, because our brother Lai Yung has been taking you along a particular line of energy.

Man Creator and Destroyer

by Lai Yung


Greetings, beloved ones. Lai Yung greets you this night, and in the peace of love and understanding may you dwell. Lai Yung draws close once more, that the beloved ones who sit in cooperative silence this night may be united, and that together we may blaze a pathway, that those who follow in our footsteps may see clearly where it is necessary for them to place their feet; that they may at all times walk with security, with freedom and with continuing progress.

Books – paperback

Books in paperback

Several titles of booklets published by The Peacock Group over the years are available in soft cover A5 format.

I have requested a current list of available titles from the groups’ librarian and will update this page just as soon as I have received a reply.

— Editor


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Insight Meditation

My name is Bert Luchjenbroers, a former member of the original Circle Group in Cairns. Anyone who is interested to pursue deeper esoteric study may feel free to contact the Energy Healing Centre, which is located in Redcliffe, Queensland. The website for further information is titled Meditation Secrets Brother Bert