Teaching discourses

The Peacock Group
The Peacock Group


For some years, a group of people in Queensland, Australia, have met monthly in order to hear teaching discourses. These have come from Beings on other levels of existence to that of Earth.

Through a medium, much revelatory and consciousness expanding information has been received.


The Teachers, or Guides, have given their approval and encouragement for the publishing of these discourses.

Here are some of the teachings….

For information about the monthly meetings, please phone +61 4 5875 9615.

Books published by the Peacock Group

Members of the Peacock Group are busily preparing E-versions of a series of books channelled by John Lawton and previously published by the Peacock Publications. A soft-cover edition of your favourite discourse may be available for mail order.

Click here to see a list of soft-cover books

More titles are expected to be added from time to time.

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