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C/- Janet Taylor
ph: +61 4 5072 1944
108 Norman Street, Gordonvale, QLD 4865

C/- Chris Sullivan
ph: +61 4 5875 9615
43 Martin Street, Innisfail, QLD 4865

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for around 4 months and I would like first of all to say that I really enjoy it.

    Would be great if you can add audio versions of your articles as that would make them easier to consume for me and for others.

    Thereby I’ve a favor to ask. Is it possible for you to add podcast audio version of your articles?

    It would be very useful for people like me or others who like to listen to your content.

    I’ve researched on that a bit and I found few free services that can help to do that.

    Here are the websites that I found that can add podcast to your site for free, maybe there are more but I found these two.


    Patricia Hope

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